ALPENHEAT Toalla Refrigerante ICE-TOWEL

Modelo: ACO1
  • Toalla Refrigerante
  • Reduce un 25 % la temperatura
  • UPF 45 Protección
  • Sin producto químicos
  • 30 x 95 cm
  • Cuando está húmeda refrigera más tiempo
  • Cuando está seca es suave y absorbente
  • Reutilizable y se puede lavar en lavadora
  • Material 100% polyester 
  • Color: negro, naranja, verde, azul claro, rojo, pink

Using new fabric technology and easy to use, delivering fast, long-lasting cooling to help enhance performance and well-being by keeping you focused on what you are doing and not on your body temperature. ALPENHEAT’s chemical-free ICE-Towel, makes your skin feel up to 25% cooler. Simple to use during any activity.

To activate:

  1. Wet the towel
  2. Use hot or cold water
  3. Wring out excess water
  4. Hold both ends of the towel and pull it apart vigorously, snapping the material and thereby activating the cooling technology.
  5. The cooling towel is ready to be used. Just put it on the part of your body that you want to cool. After a short while, you will feel the long-lasting cooling effect on your skin.

To re-activate: simply repeat the above step.

Or use the towel dry to absorb sweat.