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Joint Projects

Heat your products!

Do you want to turn your product into something unusual and very special? How about fitting a heating system into your product? You have the product, we supply the heating system!

Joint projects to date:

Universal Ski Boot Heating System




In co-operation with ski boot manufacturers a universal heated ski boot model for men and women has been developed. With 3 heat settings, giving a heating duration of up to 6 hours. The heating elements are integrated in the forefoot area of the boots, heating from the toes to the metatarsal bones. The heat comfortably radiates throughout the foot without causing any heat build-up. The liner is breathable thanks to its ventilation system to dissipate moisture effectively, leaving your feet permanently dry and warm.


Grüezi Bag

The company Grüezi Bag is a long-standing specialist when it comes to sleeping bags, with 30 years of experience and extensive know-how in the production of high quality sleeping bags.
Together with Grüezi Bag, we developed an innovative, heated sleeping bag. The highly functional ALPENHEAT heating system was specially designed to use in a sleeping bag and offers the ideal solution for cold nights under the open sky.
Thanks to this co-operation, we were able to jointly implement this advanced project for the significant improvement of outdoor sleep quality.


Since 1912, ESKA has been a specialist in innovative craftsmanship in the field of glove manufacturing. The family business, today in the 4th generation, stands for tested European materials, the best grip and long-life cycle. Starting of with the production of classical leather and military gloves, ESKA has continuously expanded their range and today manufactures a wide variety of glove models also in the sports sector.
In 2018, ESKA and ALPENHEAT together developed 3 glove models. The gloves, their design and materials came from ESKA and ALPENHEAT designed the heating system.
The result 3 bestsellers: the FIRE GLOVE RELOADED and the FIRE MITTEN RELOADED, both suitable for winter sports and the FIRE GLOVE EVERYDAY, an ideal lifestyle model.


The company Dachstein, located in the heart of the Alps in Austria, has been involved in the craft of traditional shoemaking since 1925. Highly renowned and well known for their highest quality.
In co-operation between Dachstein and ALPENHEAT, two innovative heated boot models were designed especially for people who are outside for a long time in icy temperatures.

Alpin-Bock Heat unisex and Alpkönigen Heat designed especially for women.

Heated, high-cut winter boots with thermal insulation and ALPENHEAT heating system.

The boots combine sophisticated heating technology with robust, durable, stylish materials.
The Alpenheat heating elements integrated in the forefoot area of the boots, have three heat settings - in this way feet remain comfortably warm even after a long time at minus temperatures. The rechargeable batteries are stowed in the calf area.


The renowned Italian manufacturer Gronell, primarily specialising in manufacturing alpine boots, has developed and expanded the company over the years and is today very successful in managing it with worldwide sales partners.
Years of experience working with high-quality materials and shoe concepts make the company one of the most successful in this sector in Italy.
Together with ALPENHEAT, two high-quality leather boot models with integrated heating system were developed, both models are among the top sellers in the shoe heating category.
Made of high-quality nubuck leather respectively suede leather, with a waterproof Sympatex membrane and genuine leather lining, with ALPENHEAT heating elements integrated in the toe areas. Powered by rechargeable Li-polymer batteries, heating up to 10 hours depending on the heat setting chosen. The heat settings can be easily adjusted by pressing a button directly on the outside of the boot.


Heierling is the oldest manufacturer of ski boots worldwide, founded in 1885 in Davos-Dorf in Switzerland. As a specialist for individual ski boot adjustments and fitting solutions at top level, Heierling services top athletes, many are the most renowned ski racers in the professional field.  

Heated ski boot bag (sports bag) for Heierling
ALPENHEAT and Heierling together designed a heated ski boot bag. The practical and functional heated sports bag can be used to warm and dry any type of footwear such as hiking boots, work shoes, running shoes, gloves and other clothing.
It is especially practical for ski boots, the bag warms your boots on the way to the ski slopes, so that it is very easy to step into the pre-heated and warm ski or snowboard boots.
After skiing your boots, gloves, helmets, hats dry quickly inside the bag. The unique “venturi system” works like a carburetor by drawing in cooler air through the bottom, heating it up and pushing it to the top.
The leather material used by Heierling gives the heated sports bag a stylish design.


In 1921, Ambros Strolz opened up a shoemaking workshop and started to make leather ski boots for the not-so-numerous skiers back then. Of course, at that time he could not guess to what extent the company would grow and generations later would fulfill the same claim he had set himself: to make ski boots for his customers individually and handmade, of the highest craftsmanship and of the best materials.

Together with Strolz, ALPENHEAT designed a heated ski boot bag. Using the 12 V car adapter, the bag is ideal for preheating ski and snowboard boots to make it easier to put them on, as well as to start the drying process directly in the car on the way home. Also helmets, gloves etc. can be dried conveniently in the ski boot bag.