Model BP6

High power rechargeable Li-Ion battery 7.4V / 2000mAh.

Battery (without recharger) for ALPENHEAT heated gloves AG2-2, gloveliners AG1-1 and mittens AG4-1 and AG5

Cannot be used for the gloveliners AG1 which have leather pads on the fingertips.

Price is for one battery as shown in the picture.

Battery packs with the serial number 1191F728 labelled BP6 are incorrectly labelled!
Battery packs with the serial number 1191F728 are BP11.

BP11, BP6 and BP7 are not compatible with one another. Only use the BP specified for the glove. 

When ordering a replacement battery, always state the serial number of your current battery in the comments field on the order form.