ALPENHEAT Boot and Glove Dryer EcoDry

Model: AD12 

Sweaty and wet shoes are the ideal conditions to allow fungi and bacteria to form. As a result, shoes tend to develop an unpleasant odour.

An easy solution to dry shoes quickly and efficiently, thus putting an end to bad odour, is to use the ALPENHEAT EcoDry dryer. It dries shoes without any use of power or electricity.

The EcoDry dryer consists of fabric sachets, which are permeable to water and at the same time extremely durable. The sachets are filled with a special clay (bentonite), which is highly absorbent.
Simply slip a sachet into each shoe and the sachets absorb the moisture from the shoe. Remove the sachets after the moisture has been absorbed and hang them up to dry, either in the sun or on a heater, so that they are ready to be used again.

Also use the EcoDry dryer to remove the moisture from other articles, such as gloves, mittens, hats, etc.

The product consists of 2 fabric sachets filled with bentonite, each sachet is again divided into three sections. To use in children’s shoes, simply cut off one of the sections.


  • Effective drying on a natural basis
  • No use of power or electricity
  • Highly absorbent due to the special clay (bentonite)
  • Re-usable
  • Weight: 405 g
  • Available in white or green