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Yes. We even recommend wearing heated gloves for Raynaud's syndrome to stimulate blood circulation.

In principle, all our heated glove models can be worn by Raynaud's syndrome. However, we recommend our FIRE Gloveliner or FIRE Glove Allround models because these models have heating wires that run along the contours of your fingers and thumb and therefore heat your fingers directly and stimulate blood circulation. They are also thinner in material and most everyday activity can be carried out easily.

We recommend waterproof and windproof heated gloves for skiing and winter sports. Our FIRE Ski glove model is specially designed for winter sports and combines the most important components to keep your hands warm and dry.

The thinnest heated gloves are our FIRE Gloveliner and FIRE Glove Allround models. Both can be ideally used for activities that require more precise finger skills. You can also use your smartphone without having to take the gloves off. They have a buttonhole sewn in the index finger, that you can cut open if you need to use your index finger e.g. for hunting.

In principle, all of our heated glove models are suitable for hunting, but we recommend the FIRE Hunting heated glove. It is specially designed for hunting as the index finger can be opened and the light on the push button turns-off automatically to avoid being seen. 
However, some of our other models also offer shooting finger options.

Our heated glove models all offer cozy warmth preventing cold fingers and hands.
The FIRE Gloveliner model is designed as a glove liner, so it is not wind or waterproof. If you want more heat insulation you can wear another glove over the liners.

Our heated gloves have heating elements integrated into the gloves and are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The batteries are connected to the cables in the gloves and when you turn on the battery the heating elements get warm. The battery slips into the pocket in the cuff of the glove.

In principle, all heated gloves can be used for arthritis. However, we recommend our heated glove models AG1 FIRE Gloveliner or AG3 FIRE Glove Allround because these models have heating wires along the contours of your fingers and thumb and therefore heat directly on the fingers and stimulate blood circulation. They are also thinner in material and can be used to carry out most everyday activities easily.

We have models where the heating wires run directly along the contours of your fingers and thumb, as well as models with a heating element above the back of your hand and provide cozy warmth there.

The duration of the heating output depends on the selected heating level.

It is not possible to give an exact temperature as it depends on other factors such as the outside temperature.

No. We recommend wiping the gloves carefully with a wet cloth if they get dirty.

Yes. You can order batteries, chargers and gloves individually.

On our website you can find size tables, so that you can find your size.