ALPENHEAT Boot and Glove Dryer Dry4 

Model: AD1

Shoe hygiene, don’t give bacteria a chance, dry your wet or sweaty shoes and garments, quickly and gently all year round with Dry4! 

Summer or winter, shoes get sweaty or soaked in the rain and snow and if not dried quickly, this moist environment is the perfect breeding ground for fungi, spores and harmful bacteria. 

With four extra tall air chambers, Dry4 can dry up to four articles at the same time. The high performance, whisper quiet rotary blower blasts either heated or unheated air into the garments, achieving super fast drying results. 

You will find yourself using the Dry4 throughout the year after sporting activities, hiking, running, gardening, work or whenever your shoes or garments are wet from water or perspiration.  

In order to dry long boots more efficiently and even faster, buy also the dryer extensions AC35, which are compatible with this dryer. Hunters and sports shooters can also use the dryer extension AC35 to dry the silencers of their guns. 


  • Quick and powerful – reduces bacteria
  • Dries 4 shoes/boots/gloves/helmets/hats/garments simultaneously 
  • Switch: heat or no heat for leather shoes
  • Eliminates odour 


  • Power: 230V/50Hz or 120V/60Hz
  • Output: 220 Watt
  • Controls: 3 hour timer
  • Weight 1.4 kg
  • Dimensions:  L 21 x H 27 x W 12cm
Set Content

1 dryer

Special usage with the accessory AC35 to dry silencers