ALPENHEAT Shoe Dryer DryBox

Modell: AD19

The ALPENHEAT DryBox is a quick and effective solution for drying wet and damp shoes, as well as small accessories such as gloves, helmets, children's shoes, socks, etc.
Your wet or damp shoes etc. are not only dried efficiently and gently, but are also freed from germs and bacteria thanks to the ionization function, which prevents unpleasant smells or mold developing. Moisture is the ideal breeding ground for fungi and bacteria, which is why efficient drying of shoes etc. including sterilization by ionization is important.
The sides of the drying cabinet are made of stainless steel covered with thermoplastic and the door has a strong magnet. The drying attachments with the air nozzles inside the cabinet are also made of thermoplastic. All functions can be conveniently operated and set on the LED control panel.

The cabinet has 3 settings:

  1. Automatic mode:
    All functions are on. 
    The drying process as well as the ionization function start to dry and sterilize. The entire process is completed in about 40 minutes.
  2. Drying function:
    Shoes, helmets, gloves etc. are dried without the ionization process. 
    The drying process alone takes about 40 minutes.
  3. Sterilization and deodorization:
    Shoes, helmets, gloves etc. are sterilized by ionization without activating the drying process. 
    The process takes about 30 minutes.

In all three settings, the time button can be used to add or subtract time in 5 minute steps to decrease or increase the drying or ionization process. This function can be extended up to 999 minutes.

Suitable for all types of shoes, with larger shoes the door may not close.Drying and ionization functions are guaranteed even when the door is open.


Output: 230V~ 50Hz 180W
Dimensions: 30CM X 25.5CM X 45.5CM

Set Content

1 DryBox